Pest-Pro FLYght Duo

Pest-Pro FLYght Duo utilizes patented technology developed by scientists at Pestroniks Innovations that is tuned to the eyes of flies to maximise the attraction of flying insects.

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FLYght Duo

We studied how carnivorous plants utilize UV to attract insects and developed our patented bioVE+ technology which manipulates UV LED fluorescence to create positive phototaxis (movement toward light sources) in insects.

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Anticimex FLYght Duo


  • Unique design with concealed glue-boards
  • No replacements of UV Tubes UV LED’s last 50,000 hours
  • Lowest energy consumption in the market
  • >70% energy savings over conventional UV fluorescent traps
  • Sleek, lightweight and compact in design
  • Constant UV output throughout the life of the product No yearly tube replacement required
  • UV source is intrinsically shatter proof
  • Able to use existing ALL universal glue-boards
  • Concealed glueboards retain adhesive qualities for longer (hidden from UV exposure)
  • 100 ~ 240V AC Universal Input
  • Safety Tested (IEC60335-1 / 60335-2-59)