Pest-Pro Insect Light Trap (E18)

Pest-Pro E18 Sticky Fly Trap Killer is a discreet fly trap solution.

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Effective control of flying insects.

Anticimex E18

Pest-Pro is pleased to introduce a range of commercial grade Insect Glue Board Traps, devised and engineered to be Safe, Hygienic and Effective.

Manufactured under strict Quality Control Guidelines, each unit is designed to look great and enhance value to your premises. Developed using the latest technology and best material for the most effective catch, trap and kill of flying insects.

HYGIENIC & SAFE – Pedst-Pro E18 Sticky Fly Trap Killer is a discreet fly trap solution, with the dead flies being hidden, this unit is extremely sanitary and hygienic. Patented modern design, Pest-pro E18 will not only eliminate Flying Insects but its décor will enhance and add value to your premises.

Flies get lured into the device by its bright UV light, and get trapped on the concentrate super glue board located inside the device. No High-voltage electric and no zapping sounds; eliminates flies quietly and out of sight. Safe to use 24/7.

Pest-Pro E18 is made Fireproof ABS Plastic with high-quality finish, featuring a BRIGHT 8 PIECES LED UV-A Light Bulb. It has amazing insect Luring Attraction range, coupled with an Anti-UVA and Anti Dry Concentrate Super Glue Large Surface Board.

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  • Effectively attracting flying insects
  • Aesthetic design
  • High, quick, and a silent catch rate
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Create an irresistible lure for flying insects
  • Hygienic trapping of flying insects
  • Satisfies HACCP regulations

Technical Specifications

  • Rated power 18W
  • Coverage 80 Square Meters / 860 Square Feet
  • UV-A Light with Peak Spectrum at 365nm (Nanometer)
  • Shatter proof UV-A Lamp – Food Safe Made from Fireproof ABS Plastic Construction
  • Anti UV-A Concentrate Large Surface Super Glue
  • 34 W x 33.5 H x 13 D cm