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Pest-Pro Mosquito Control Solutions

  • Eco-friendly solutions for the environment and family members of all ages including pets
  • Customised solutions for your premises with in-depth understanding of site requirements
  • Suitable for all premises including indoor and outdoor


NEA Certified Technicians

All Pest-Pro Technicians are professionally certified by NEA (National Environment Agency) and undergo regular in-house training courses carried out by our team of entomologists headed by Dr Foo Foong Kuan (General Manager, Technical & Entomology)



Professional Mosquito Control Treatment


Larvicide is applied to potential mosquito breeding grounds (stagnant water) that are safely accessible to prevent any potential larvae from maturing into their adult stage. Application forms can vary to suit any situation: Sand granules, AM-Oil, BTI, liquid pesticides, etc.


Barrier Treatment (Misting)

An environmentally friendly treatment option to control adult mosquitoes would be the use of ultra-low volume misting machines to create a long-lasting non-repellent mosquito barrier between resting areas and inhabited areas.


Thermal Fogging

Thermal fogging is an effective method where heat is used to vaporize the fogging solution, creating a dense cloud of fog which envelopes the outdoor areas and exterminates adult mosquitoes that are in contact within the treated zones.


BTI Treatment

A form of bacteria that is not toxic to human, pets or aquatic life but is effective in killing various species of mosquitoes in the larva stage. It comes in various forms and can be applied by spraying, misting or placed into mosquito breeding habitats and larger bodies of water like pond.


In2Care Mosquito Trap

  • Effectively controls the mosquito that transmits diseases
  • Green Innovation - reduced use of chemicals
  • Does not target plants or beneficial insects such as bees or butterflies
  • Gives 24 hours / day protection
  • Pet-friendly




Mosquito Control Treatment at your convenience

Running a busy business or no one at home during business hours?

Premises such as condominium estates, construction sites, schools, and town councils, fogging treatment should only be done when there is an increased presence of adult mosquitoes or necessitated by the need to reduce adult mosquito population during dengue or other mosquito-borne disease outbreak. More recommendations will be provided by our specialists on site to prevent mosquito nuisance.

Pest-Pro can carry out the treatment at your convenient time as needed, based on site conditions for effective results.

Recommended Frequency to conduct Mosquito Control Treatment

A complete development from egg to adult usually takes about 5-7 days depending on the environmental conditions present, hence recommended to carry out twice a week mosquito control program to effectively destroy any potential mosquito breeding cycle.

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