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Bees and wasps are known as beneficial insects because they prey on other small animal pests, pollinate flowers and produce honey for human consumption. However, they carry a venomous sting that can be very painful and may cause extreme allergic reactions in some people.

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Bees and wasps can be frightening

Bees and wasps frighten everyone. Most people feel threatened in their presence although bees and wasps rarely sting. However, getting stung is a painful experience and can be life threatening for those few highly allergic individuals. It is the social bees and wasps that are responsible for most stings. They frequently sting in defense of their nest.

Here is what to DO and DON’T if you are attacked by bees:

  1. Cover your face and run as fast and as far away you can.
  2. Run against the wind, as the resistance makes it harder for bees to keep up.
  3. Run until you get to shelter as most bees are disoriented by lights and changes in temperature.
  4. Do not swat at the bees or flail your arms as bees are attracted to movement, and moving vigorously will only attract them to you.
  5. Do not jump into water, as the bees will wait for you to surface.
  6. Do not crush bees as crushed bees release a scent of bananas that will draw more bees to you.

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