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Sighting a snake can be a rare occurrence. However, when a snake is spotted in a workplace, at home or in your neighbourhood, it can be an immediate cause of alarm for most people.

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Snakes in Singapore

Snake varies greatly depending on species. They are elongated, legless, and carnivorous reptiles.  Many species of snakes have distinct stripes or patterning, and colours can be ranged from vivid green, reds, yellows, darker black, or brown. Many snakes found in Singapore are non-venomous and pose no risk to humans besides imposing fright or may cause secondary infection in a bite.

Here is what to DO and DON’T if you encounter snakes:

  1. Leave the snake alone.
  2. Slowly leave the vicinity if you are near to the snake.
  3. Stamp the ground to create vibrations if the snake is moving towards you.
  4. Move away from the snake’s detached head.
  5. Immediately engage Pest Management Professional – remember to have someone watching the snake if you leave the area – provide brief descriptions of the snake (e.g., length, colour, body patterns).
  6. Do not panic
  7. Do not attempt to kill or catch the snake.

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